Our day of workshops, sprints and collaboration

Monday 19th September

The final day of PyCon UK, Monday 19th September, will be dedicated to Code and collaboration.

Confirmed workshops/tutorials

  • django CMS applications - a comprehensive approach (led by Iacopo Spalletti)
  • Building a single page application with Django and EmberJS (led by Emmanuelle Delescolle)

Other confirmed activities

  • Help build a supercomputer in a briefcase with Raspberry Pi (led by Russel Winder)

Propose an activity for the code day


During the talks you'll have heard about numerous projects and technologies that you'd like to get involved in. Several of the speakers will also be running hands-on, practical tutorials for those who'd like to explore the topic further.

These sessions will cover all kinds of things - particular packages, programming disciplines, techniques. In previous years we've had workshops on Django, automated testing, how to contribute to open-source projects, mathematics, robotics and much, much more.

Would you like to run a workshop? Tell us about it!


Code sprints provide members of an open-source software community opportunities to collaborate in person to tackle outstanding issues or developments in a project’s code-base, or even to get a fledgling project started. They are huge fun, and a fantastic way to become involved in a new project.

Newcomers are welcome at sprints - so don't think they're only for so-called 'experts'.

You don't need to plan a sprint in advance, but if you tell us about your sprint we can help advertise it for you.

If you've got this far but still aren't sure what a sprint is, you should read What on earth is a code sprint?.


Take your sickly code to the friendly PyCon UK code doctor. Take your CV to a recruitment expert.

Would you like to perform a valuable PyCon UK service by running or taking part in a clinic? Tell us what you'd like to do.

Other collaboration

Do you have a big idea, that needs some other fine minds to help get it off the ground?

Are you planning your own conference, or meetup, or organisation?

Are you seeking collaborators?

There's a good chance you'll find what you're looking for at PyCon UK. Tell us about your proposal or idea.

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