Celebrating KatieConf with an extra £500 financial assistance

Tomorrow, the 31st June is a momentous day: the first-ever KatieConf!

We've received £500 from the Django Society UK to help celebrate this remarkable event. This £500 will be used to help a KatieConf attendee (or attendees) come to PyCon UK in September.

Apply using the financial assistance form. Katies are well-known as fast-movers who get things done and make things happen - applications close on 7th July, so you need to be quick.

These funds are available to anyone who attends KatieConf on the 31st June. KatieConf is free and open to all, and if you are not doing anything else that day then it must mean you are at KatieConf!

Please tell us why you're attending KatieConf.

You don't have to be a Katie to benefit from these funds, but it might help. KatieConf speakers will be given priority in the selection process. Applicants will be notified as early as possible.

Good luck! Have fun at KatieConf, and see you at PyCon.