Our keynote speaker, Gail Ollis

We're delighted to announce our first keynote speaker, Gail Ollis.

Gail is not just a programmer, she's also an observer of programmers - of the way they work, think and behave. So, her interest in programming includes the activity of programming.

Her publications and research work are full of observations and insights into the mind of the programmer, and draw upon a wide range of references to help illuminate what goes on when programmers get to work.

Her talk for us at this year's PyCon UK:

Folklore and fantasy in the information age

Software development is not easy.

As grown-ups we know better than to believe that difficult things can be achieved by a simple wave of a magic wand, yet faith persists that this new idea, that new tool, will make all the difference.

Meanwhile for the hard-bitten cynics it is all the emperor's new clothes. I invite you to join me in a more constructive realm between belief and cynicism, where we can embrace the power of stories, listen with an open mind, but not be bewitched by the expectation of a fairy-tale ending.

This talk is one not to be missed by the reflective programmer.