Last pre-conference email

This is an email that we are sending to all delegates just before the conference.

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of last-minute practicalities...

Open Day

  • Thursday's Open Day is at Cardiff University's Bute Building. This is not in the same venue as the rest of the conference, so please don't turn up at City Hall on Thursday!
  • If you're coming to the Open Day on Thursday, you need to have a ticket (unless you're taking part in Django Girls) even if you've got a ticket for the rest of the conference. All tickets have now gone, but there is a waiting list. (It's already quite long though.)
  • If you've got a ticket for the Open Day (your tickets are listed at the bottom of this email) but you cannot come, please let us know so that we can assign it to somebody on the waiting list.

Friday registration

We're expecting 500 people on Friday, most of whom won't have been at Thursday's Open Day. We're going to have to get as many people registered as possible between 8am and 9am. Please try to come to City Hall as early as you can on Friday.

Evening dinners

There are a few tickets left for the conference dinner on Friday, and the dinners at the Clink on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don't leave it too late to book! They will sell out.

And finally...

We're all really looking forward to welcoming you to the conference. This will be the biggest PyCon UK ever (by quite a long way) and we're in a new venue. There are bound to be some teething troubles, so please be patient with us, and look for opportunities to help out.

~ The PyCon UK Committee