Speaker mentors at PyCon UK

For first-time speakers, non-native English speakers, under-confident or uncertain speakers or simply anyone who'd like some help with a talk - here are some people who'd like to help you.

Speaking in front of a large audience doesn't come easily to many people. Our conference audiences are full of interesting people with interesting things to say. We want more of them to to feel confident enough to submit a talk proposal.

We know those people exist, because we meet them at every event, and it's always a shame to discover that someone had an interesting talk in them but kept it there.

How the programme works

To help more people feel comfortable taking the step to submit a talk, we have a speaker mentor programme. A speaker mentor is an experienced speaker, who has volunteered to help other speakers.

It could be any kind of help, for any kind of reason: anything from someone who can advise on whether your idea for a talk is a good one to someone who'll be happy to hear you practise it; even someone who'll agree to be the session chair for your talk at the event. You tell us what kind of help you'd like.

And it could be because you're not confident about your English, because you're a nervous speaker, because you've never done a talk before - it doesn't matter why, the point is that if you'd like help, we can put you in touch with someone suitable to help you.

If you'd particularly like a speaker mentor who's familiar with a particular subject, who speaks your native language, a female mentor - again, just tell us what will help you.

Remember, we don't want to be proud because we had a lot of superstar speakers at our conference. We want to be proud because we were the conference where you began your superstar speaking career.

How to request a mentor

Just check the relevant box on the proposal form and we will get back to you to find out more and assign you a suitable mentor. The CfP form also has a space for private notes that are only seen by the organising committee. Feel free to use that space to tell us more about the sort of mentor who might be best placed to support you.

Submit your proposal

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