Cleaner unit testing with the Arrange Act Assert pattern

James Cooke | Sunday 15:30 | Room D

My name is James and I've been using the Arrange Act Assert pattern as part of my daily Test Driven Development practice for a number of years over multiple projects with different development teams. During this time I've worked to make my tests as readable, simple and generally Pythonic as possible - and I firmly believe that the AAA pattern can help us all with this quest.

In this talk I shall:

  • Demonstrate the AAA pattern of testing and its benefits.
  • Discuss the code smells can arise when using AAA.
  • Present some Pythonic (hopefully), object orientated and organised strategies for resolving these smells, refactoring for cleaner, more readable and reliable tests.

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with the "Red, Green, Refactor" style of Test Driven Development.

Link to video