Developing a Zero boilerplate library for Raspberry Pi GPIO

Ben Nuttall and Dave Jones | Sunday 11:15 | Assembly Room

Last September I (Ben) wrote some code which aimed to make GPIO programming much simpler to teach, and a few of us sprinted on it at PyCon UK. Dave contributed some excellent features and we published a few betas early on, and a couple of months later v1.0 of the library was released: GPIO Zero.

Like Daniel Pope's PyGame Zero, this library aims for minimal boilerplate code required to get stared, and makes progression from simple scripts to more advanced applications simple.

This talk focuses on the story of the library's development. It was built collaboratively between the two of us (remotely), with most of the discussion, API design and decision making taking place in GitHub issues. We introduced some very complex Python code to the codebase in the name of making the API more user friendly, and it had great results from teachers and kids.