The Breakup: Monolith to Microservices

Julie MacDonell | Saturday 17:00 | Room B

It is natural for small software teams to unknowingly build up a monolith application with their development, one that becomes a single point of failure. Symptoms often include exceedingly long test suites for code with disparate functionalities, tight coupling between various parts of the applications, and the stress from worrying about breaking the whole monolith as a result of deploys of small changes. As the services of the application grow, there are several advantages to breaking up the monolith into smaller and more manageable microservices. Dockerized containers for Python APIs prove to be a great way to ship these microservices. This talk divulges the lessons learned from such a breakup as well as the very real emotional difficulties and ultimate benefits of breaking up an engineering team into agile cross-functional teams.

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