An introduction to deep learning

Geoff French | Sunday 11:15 | Room C

In the last few years, deep neural networks have been used to generate state-of-the-art results in image classification, segmentation and object detection. They have also successfully been used for speech recognition.

In this tutorial I will cover:

  • an introduction to deep learning; how it works
  • how to train and use deep neural networks with Python using Theano and Lasagne
  • using pre-trained networks (a.k.a transfer learning) in which an already trained model is repurposed for other work
  • having fun with neural networks; some of the fun techniques that have been demonstrated in the last couple of years

Prior knowledge of linear algebra, a bit of calculus, the NumPy/SciPy stack and some machine learning would be helpful.

I will provide a GitHub repo with code that attendees can study and an Amazon AMI for experimentation.