One-click deployment of Jupyter notebooks as web apps and other cool Jovian tricks

Pavlo Andriychenko | Monday 11:15 | Room C

Jupyter and JupyterLab are great for tinkering and research. But what if you want to re-use Jupyter notebooks in the future? What if you want to share them with colleagues who may run them concurrently? Productionizing Jupyter notebooks is the new black, and people have developed various hacks to achieve this. Prefer clean solutions? Then come and join my talk.

  • I will show how to turn Jupyter notebooks into beautiful web apps without the need to write JavaScript or CSS. In one click. Interested? Please bear with me.
  • Looking for a quick REST server? No problem, it's a one-liner in Jupyter.
  • Polling, scheduling and events in notebooks? Can be done too.
  • I will continue to show how real-life use cases can be solved using Jupyter in a few lines of code.
  • How many Jupyter magics do you know? I will show a few that can dramatically improve your productivity.
  • Sublime and Jupyter. What's the overlap?