Open Data projects with Python

Paul Walsh | Sunday 10:00 | Room C

This is a workshop targeted at beginners, and introduces an applied approach to solving problems with code, using Open Data.

This workshop starts from the assumption that small projects related to real-world issues can provide direction and scope for learning and exploration. With a few simple tools in Python, and access to a range of Open Data sources, we can ask some questions about the socio-political context we live in, and move towards answers to those questions.

We'll take a narrative approach to this, using Jupyter Notebooks as our problem-solving environment, which requires less overhead than full stack development tooling, and allows us to focus on the content of our exploration, rather than code design and architecture.

In addition to walking through some simple examples, we'll discuss other project ideas that can be pursued with Python, Open Data, and an inquisitive mind!

The workshop will have a set of Jupyter Notebooks with simple, real world examples of common code we need to write to work with and gain insights out of Open Data. While not strictly required for workshop attendance, it will be useful to have these set up on your machine to follow along. For this, you'll need to have Python 3 and Jupyter installed in advance.

The Notebooks for the workshop will be published here the day prior.