Users are not the only people

Gail Ollis | Sunday 16:30 | Room C

A keynote speaker at a previous PyCon UK introduced me to the term DX, or Developer eXperience. User experience (UX) gets a lot of the attention but it's not the only place where programmer decisions affect people; fellow developers are people too!

In my research I have interviewed people with a total of more than 400 years of programming between them. There are common themes in what these experienced developers say about how their own job is made harder or easier by the decisions of their peers. I will share what they said about how colleagues do the job and invite you to discuss with other delegates why some of these behaviours also matter to you.

This is an interactive session in which everyone will participate in small groups. Don't be afraid! No programming is involved, no computers are required and there is no such thing as a "wrong" answer. All you need is some experience of working in a software development team.